About Fitness Mentor?

The fitness industry’s leading online coaching platform. We deliver personalized coaching in nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and behaviour management for individuals who are looking to lose weight, feel great, and take control of their health.

Fitness Mentor?

Fitness comes easy for some people. We all know the person who has had abs since he was thirteen or the girl who can eat and drink whatever she likes without gaining a pound. Unfortunately, these are usually the people who end up becoming coaches. How can someone who has never experienced the journey that is necessary to achieve what YOU want to achieve actually help? This is where mentorship becomes critical.

Fitness mentors are experienced, long-time coaches who understand the health nuances beyond simple diet and exercise instructions. They know what it is like to struggle with overeating, cravings, snacking, social consumption, and even laziness. More importantly they understand how to manage these behaviours and reach long-term success.

A coach tells you what to do and then blames you when you can’t seem to follow through. A mentor walks alongside you and gives you the timely advice required to overcome success barriers and reach your long-term goals.

FM Origin Story

Fitness Mentor is the online coaching program created by Tommy Caldwell. Tommy was an elite two-sport athlete before transitioning into a coaching role. He opened ‘Hybrid Training’ in 2009, where he worked as a trainer, nutritionist, and rehab therapist for some of the world’s top competitors.

In 2012 Tommy transitioned into health and fitness geared toward the general population by co-founding Hybrid Fitness. A fitness facility for the average person that became one of the most extensive independent fitness facilities in the country.

Tommy and his team began working in the online space in 2014 with the creation of the Hybrid 360 program, and now in 2020, they have launched Fitness Mentor.

Fitness Mentor is a high service level online platform that delivers not just diet and exercise structure for people looking to lose weight and feel great. The expert coaches involved are trained in the areas of behaviour change and lifestyle management. This makes the Fitness Mentor program unique in its ability to lead to client success. It’s not just about learning to eat and exercise. It’s about breaking lifelong habits, managing stress, sleeping more soundly, and living an all-around more fulfilling life.

A Mentor doesn’t shout orders or deliver meal plans with the expectation that his or her client will follow it to a ‘T’ and be successful. A mentor walks beside her client, gets down in the trenches, and helps manage all of the behaviours and barriers that lead to feelings of frustration, negative self-talk, and, ultimately, failure.