Our Fitness Mentors

Tommy Caldwell

  • Tommy Caldwell is the fitness industry’s leading behavioral change coach. He has spent the last decade working with thousands of clients to improve their well-being through increased discipline and improved healthy decision making.
  • In 2018, Tommy authored the #1 Bestselling book, Heavy Brain, and he is formally trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, applied psychology, sports psychology, and CI. These designations complement Tommy’s depth of knowledge in all things fitness and nutrition.
  • Tommy lives in London, Ontario, with his wife, Laura, and their three beautiful children, while working day-to-day out of his gym, Hybrid Fitness.


  • Started working in the health and fitness industry 6 years ago while finishing a kinesiology degree and LOVES being able to share her knowledge and help others!
  • Favourite things about being a mentor: getting to know and understand more about each person I work with, and be in their corner providing the reinforcement and mentorship they need in order to achieve their goals 
  • Finds it rewarding to see not only the physical transformation but also when clients start glowing with confidence and take ownership over their health & fitness
  • Growing up I was into sports, but back then (and even now) I was far from perfect when it comes to eating… to be honest I have junk foods that I have a hard time resisting. I LOVE chocolate, pizza, fuzzy peaches, chips, burgers, tacos….. and that’s really just the short list
  • I started taking my nutrition more seriously, by working on my own bad snacking habits and found strategies that worked to manage my sweet tooth. Now I can still eat foods I love while being fit and healthy, and help others to do the same
  • When I’m not helping clients with their goals you can find me on a rugby pitch, traveling somewhere on a new adventure or playing board games. After playing competitive rugby for 8 years, I took up refereeing competitive rugby and have been doing that for the past 4 years, which has taken me on many fun adventures around the world. Also… my top 2 favourite board games are Settlers of Catain and Blokus


  • Elsa is PN certified nutrition coach
  • She is the mother of two girls and co-founder of Growing Chefs! Ontario (2007), a charity that teaches kids and their families to get excited about healthy food
  • Elsa’s passion for making functional food exciting led her to create her newest venture: Mint Condition Meals, a ready-made , pre-portioned meal company that fuels your healthy weightloss journey
  • She is a wellness, fitness and lifestyle coach, personal trainer and London ON’s  favorite Yoga teacher 2 years in a row!
  • Elsa is a tried and true Food Addict. She says: “I was always motivated by food. I have used it as reward, as comfort, as love, as a way to numb, as distraction and as a way to relate to others. I have shared food with and hidden food from the people around me. I have tried, succeeded and inevitably failed countless times to “gain control” over my food habits”
  • Elsa is greatly relieved to have found the strategies that work for her and is pleased to report she now has a positive relationship with food =). This is not easy, and everyone has a different path to travel, but Elsa is  honoured to be supporting you along yours. She will share every tool she has with you and will always take an honest approach
  • Food addiction is real. It is hard. But change is possible. And the reward in change is abundant. You’ve got this!


  • Janelle is 45 years old and the mother of 4 kids (including twins!)
  • She’s been heavily involved in the fitness industry for 6 years
  • After having her children, the weight was not coming off!
  • Janelle lost 50 pounds and has kept it off by making small sustainable healthy eating changes that have added up over time. She tried every “diet” plan out there, but none of them taught her how to make changes that would actually LAST. That’s why she loves Tommy’s approach to healthy eating, it’s sustainable and that makes all the difference! 
  • Janelle loves helping other people realize that they too can take control of their health. I’ve been there, I get it!
  • I know it sounds cliche to say if I can do it, you can too…. but you get the idea! I’m here for you, feel free to reach out and I’m happy to help however I can